Sending Emails via Disposable Temporary Email

Sending Emails via Disposable Temporary Email

A blog was posted before about a disposable temporary email that can send emails called Moakt, and Guerrilla Mail and CS.Email is all good options to send emails as disposable temporary email services.

Guerrilla Mail and CS Email (hosted by GuerrillaMail) are all powered by an open-source project called Go-Guerrilla. They support multi-language and several domain names, and their websites only are accessed with HTTPS encryption. Also CS.Email has a Tor hidden service at csemailmoemkvyne.onion.

The temporary email address will never expire, there’s no signup or passwords, so anyone who knows your email address may access your inbox, and all the incoming emails will be deleted in an hour.

Domain names options

  1. Guerrilla Mail

  1. CS.Email


Q: How can I view the spam folder?

A: There is no spam folder / spam box. All emails that arrive at Guerrilla Mail are delivered to your inbox. If an email didn’t arrive, it’s most likely a problem on the other side, unless we’re having a bad day… If you are a webmaster, Guerrilla Mail can also be used to test if your site sends the emails out correctly.

Q: What is a Scrambled Address?

A: Since Guerrilla Mail doesn’t require account registration, anyone who knows the Inbox ID may have access to that inbox. So it’s best to use a random address. To add protection, you can use the Scramble Address feature. A Scrambled Address can only be know if the Inbox ID is known and you cannot use a Scrambled as an Inbox Id. The more hard-to-guess your Inbox ID is, the better your Alias will protect you.

Q: Do email addresses expire?

A: The current version keeps all incoming email for 1 hour. This means all addresses work all the time, they never expire.

When an email arrives at Guerrilla Mail, it waits in the quarantine ready to be picked up. If a user checks their inbox, Guerrilla Mail will check the quarantine for new email. If found, the email will be instantly moved to the user’s inbox. Else, emails will be deleted from the quarantine if they wait there for longer than one hour.

Once the email is in an inbox, it will be given 1 hour more, or until the user deletes it.

Emails that were never delivered to an active inbox are marked abandoned and are most likely spam.


Guerrilla Mail deletes all email that was delivered to an inbox after 1 hour.

We normally keep the logs turned off, this is because due to high traffic, our server does not have the resources required

Emails delivered to an inbox are treated with the most privacy, however, please note that anyone who knows your Inbox ID may access your inbox. Using a Scrambled Address will further protect your privacy. Please see the FAQ for further information.

This site uses a session cookie to maintain application state. Other cookies may be used to remember your preferences. It also uses third-party cookies including Google Analytics and Google Adsense.

We may use anonymized email data for further anti-spam, anti-malware or anti-phishing research. Only email data that is obvious spam is used for this research.

Our website can only be accessed with HTTPS encryption

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