Riseup switch to new webmail interface

In latest newsletter mail, Riseup will switch to new webmail interface on July 30th.

New webmail interface


We are excited to tell you about the new interface our webmail will be switching to on July 30th. This new design is cleaner, has a more modern look and most importantly, it supports tablets and mobile phones, a feature requested by many of you for a very long time.

While we love the benefits of the new design, it also means that the experience using it will change and that’s something that can always be a little harsh. We don’t want to be bringing you problems, after all you are busy creating a better world!

So if you want to get used to it sooner, you can try the new design before its switched on by following the instructions here
https://riseup.net/en/email/webmail/elastic and report any problems at https://support.riseup.net.

From this mail, we learned the new interface is Elastic. It is Roundcube’s new User Interface. It’s a modern, cleaner and in general nicer experience for our webmail. It’s a most important feature is that the layout will change according to your screen size, making it suitable for phones and tablets.

You can use this new interface in advance by clicking “Setting -> Preferences -> User Interface”, picking “Ink” on the Interface skin and save. After a couple of seconds, you will see the new interface.

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