PlumMail – Better than email and IM

Plum Mail is an alternative to email that uses your existing email address. It is an open system. You can write to anyone.


  • Pins

Pin key infomation in your emails, like date, venues and decisions.

  • Fast Formatting

Markdown supported.

  • Search for Answers

Search as you type for faster, more focussed results.

  • Group Messages

Plum Mail brings order to chaotic group messages and emails. You will never have to type ‘please reply all’ again. Ever.

  • Notification Controls

Protect your focus time. Notifications are off by default and Plum Mail gives you granular control over what kinds of notifications you need in your life.

  • Thread Conclusions

When a conversation has reached its natural end, mark it as ‘closed’. Conclusions radically speed up processing your messages after a holiday or period of deep focus.

PlumMail have 36 other era-defining unreleased features, to join the waitlist and be the first to know the news, email them at [email protected]

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