OnMail – Time to Change Mail


OnMail is a brand new email service created by Edison, a team also create Edison Mail App. It aims at offering a modern and truly effective solution to the problem of your email being out of your control. As OnMail said, it’s time to change mail.

OnMail will launch this summer, but you can sign up for early access by here: https://www.onmail.com/redeem?type=onmail&code=vL7Ns1iMXL.

Email has scaled beyond its original design. Everyone has an address and emails in your inbox aren’t slowing down anytime soon. But email is broken. And it’s because anyone can jam hundreds of messages in your mailbox, and do it freely. This is why OnMail wanna change mail.

OnMail is the first Permission-Based Email Service. It offers the first-of-its-kind Permission-Control feature invented by Edison to ensure that your inbox is your inbox. You get to decide who comes in, and who gets your attention. We stop spam before it enters your inbox so your inbox stays clean. As with our Edison Mail apps, we block all read receipts without degrading your email experience, and you won’t see a targeted ad lurking in your inbox.

OnMail’s Search capabilities are built from the ground up to work with email. You’re able to search email the way you do naturally instead of trying to remember exact keywords. Search shouldn’t have to be complex to work, so Edison fixed that for you.

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