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CTemplar, the most secure email service in the world called by themself, provides an anonymous and end-to-end encrypted email.

Recently, they announce the limit of free accounts creation on their blog and Twitter.

Recently our growth has required that we restrict new account creation. We are currently doing this by limiting free accounts creation allowed by invite only.   We may disable all new account creation, free & paid.

If you have a paid account you can send out 3 invite codes per week (Details in FAQ). You can also contact our support team via email or social media and we usually have some available.

If your looking for a free email service without an invite code you could try using a services like, or Why am I recommending email services that we compete against? Because your privacy is being abused and stopping that abuse is the top priority. Which secure email service you use to protect yourself from abuse is secondary.

Kind regards to you all,

Godfrey de Saint Omer

CTemplar Founder & Owner

There are three ways to get an invite code:

  1. Request code from one of your CTemplar contacts who has a paid account: The paid user can generate 3 invitation codes per week, and the code is valid for 24 hours.
  1. Send a message to CTemplar team: [email protected]
  2. Contact CTemplar team on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn

Or you can try, or as they suggested.

PS. There is no need for an invitation code to signup a paid account. Here are their price plans:

CTemplar Price Plans

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