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Tildamail is a Private, Decentralized, Secure Email service. You own your data and choose where it’s stored. Tildamail is in beta now, but you can sign up to get early access by this link Early access is granted to the top 1,000 sign-ups.

Their features:

  1. Private

You own your own data, take back control of your privacy. Users chat anonymously in a decentralized, end-to-end encrypted way, without relying on a centralized server or authority. Protect your freedom of speech, your data. and your privacy.

  1. Decentralized

100% decentralized and censorship-resistant. Tildamail is a decentralized and self-sovereign email system with end-to-end encryption. Your data never touches our servers. You are in control. You can choose where to store it (e.g. S3, desktop, Storj, IPFS, Sia network, etc.).

  1. Secure

Tilda protects your privacy by encrypting your messages and metadata. Liberate yourself from Facebook, Signal, WeChat, Whatsapp, or other apps that use and leak your information to third parties. Data is property and protect it.

  1. Interoperable

Tildamail is built to interoperate with normal SMTP emails. Communication with external emails will be made possible with a gateway. Tilda is the bridge between the old web and the new Distributed Web.

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