Delta Chat – An Email Based Instant Messenger

Delta chat desktop is an instant messenger app that you can chat over email. It support end-to-end-encryption, does not need your phone number and does not need to signup an account, all you need is a standard e-mail account supporting protocols of IMAP and SMTP.

Delta Chat looks like Telegram or Whatsapp, you can send encrypted messages including plain text,  images, videos, and other attachments to your friends. It is Open source and Free software, no own servers and without the tracking or central control.

Delta chat desktop
Delta Chat Desktop Client
Delta chat mobile
Delta Chat Mobile Client

All your messages are stored in your email inbox, a “DealtChat” file created by Delta Chat, in form of PGP messages.

Normal email
Normal email without encryption
Encrypted email
Encrypted email

Advantages of Delta Chat compared to other messengers:

  • Independent of any company or services. You own your data.
  • Your data is not saved on a central server unless all users are using the same e-mail servers
  • You do not distribute your address book to anyone.
  • Fast by the use of Push-IMAP.
  • Largest userbase – recipients not using Delta Chat can be reached as well.
  • Compatible – not only to itself.
  • Elegant and simple user interface.
  • Distributed system.
  • No Spam – only messages of known users are shown by default.
  • Reliable – safe for professional use.
  • Trustworthy – can even be used for business messages.
  • Copyleft and Standards-based libre software.

Delta Chat app support multi-platforms, Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS and Android. you can download it here:

For more information, take a look at their website FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.

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